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DreamGlow™️- Intelligent Sleep aid Lamp

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'It is a decent clock/light/phone charger/Bluetooth speaker. Setting the clock was not as intuitive as most clocks, but the included directions made it easy. The standard light options are pretty cool, but to use the simulated sunrise alarm or the white-noise sleep light, it requires downloading an app. The Bluetooth speaker has decent sound and volume. The wireless phone charger works pretty well, although it is just big enough for my phone (Samsung S21) to fit on it''.
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Creating the right sleeping environment is essential to getting a good night's rest and preparing for the day ahead. Sleep struggles, insomnia, and inadequate amount of sleep can lead to decreased energy, increased frustration, and difficulty achieving daily goals. This can ultimately result in increased stress and anxiety, which can lead to a decline in physical, mental health and overall well-being. 

 DreamGlow™️-Intelligent Sleep Aid Lamp is a game changer as it can help enhance a better sleep experience. This revolutionary Sleep aid Lamp features a dimmable light, a wake-up light moodand a sound machine that makes falling asleep and waking up easier. Enjoy feeling refreshed and energized, as a good night's sleep improves both physical, mental health and overall well-being. 



✅Brilliant light setting: The dimmable light in the DreamGlow™️- Intelligent Sleep aid Lamp will enhance the tone in any room to enable falling asleep quicker. This will make sleeping an enjoyable and rejuvenating experience and make tackling daily tasks easier

✅Natural Sleep Aid: The sound machine is this DreamGlow™️- Intelligent Sleep aid Lamp is natural sleep. It works by masking disruptive noises in the environment making falling asleep easier; wake up feeling energized and refreshed 

✅Smart Control features: DreamGlow™️-Intelligent Sleep aid Lamp can be controlled from anywhere within the room through an app making it easy to enjoy when settled in a comfortable position. This app has lifetime access making the enjoyment of this product long-lasting

✅ Built-in Alarm Clock: DreamGlow™️- Intelligent Sleep aid can help with waking up on time to attend meetings and appointments with the help of the built-in alarm clock. It makes for an efficient execution of tasks and makes for an organized day 

 Struggling to fall asleep can be difficult, not getting enough rest can be hard on the body and mind, and waking up feeling tired can be stressful. This is why DreamGlow™️- Intelligent Sleep Aid Lamp is a must-have to enhance a positive sleep experience. Nearly 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder and  Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder, with 30% of adults experiencing short-term insomnia. Research has shown that a sound machine used “In adults, can reduce sleep onset; the time it takes to fall asleep by up to forty percent’’.

 DreamGlow™️-Intelligent Sleep Aid Lamp is a revolutionary must-have product that can simplify bedtime routines. Its Sound Machine is known to be a natural sleep aid and its several light moods can set the tone in any room making it the perfect addition to the bedroom. Sleeping will soon become an enjoyable experience, as feeling energized becomes an everyday reality  which will make the completion of daily tasks easier

 Package includes

1pcs lamp wireless charger
1pcs DC adapter
1pcs manual  + gift box  

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